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A report in the US said the Toyota 86 experienced “rough engine idle symptoms and occasional stalling”.Source: Supplied

LAST week hundreds of Toyota 86 owners went to Sydney’s White Bay Cruise Terminal to look at each other’s cars, listen to The X Factor’s Samantha Jade, and get autographs from motor racers Neal Bates and Beau Yates, and Tetsuya Tada, the car’s developer.

The 86 is the MGB or MX5 of the noughties.

One former owner who won’t be feeling much joy is the young Adelaide woman who made the adventurous decision to buy a new 86. Across several months it was in and out of the dealer with its engine going into “limp home mode” to prevent stalling. Not a pretty picture in traffic.

Toyota PR boss Mike Breen says his company has no records of systemic issues on 86 model vehicles similar to this case. But two years ago Drive.com.au’s Matt Campbell wrote about a US report of “Toyota and Subaru two-doors — which were co-developed and are powered by the same 2.0-litre ‘boxer’ engine — experiencing rough engine idle symptoms and occasional stalling”.

Matt says “international enthusiast sites such as FT86club.com are openly discussing the problem”, with more than 100 registered complaints about rough idling. One forum member’s car has been in the workshop for weeks with parts including the oil-control valve and variable-valve-timing cam gear requiring replacement. “Australian owners have also taken to the internet to discuss the engine problem,” Matt says. At the time of writing he has had no response from Toyota or Subaru.

Moving — well, not really moving — right along, let’s hear from Rav 4 owner Chris Brown. You’ll remember our focus on Toyota came after my daughter-in-law’s 2013 Toyota Rav 4 stopped half way through a roundabout when the engine completely shut down and wouldn’t restart. Toyota’s response was, “We have referred this matter to our customer assistance department for further investigation. Toyota will respond as soon as possible.” So far, no response.

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