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THE things I do for you! This week I will be out in the field, sleeves rolled up, driving the freeways, byways and any other ways of the US east coast, testing cars for your next holiday.

Oh, did I mention I will be selecting from an Audi R8, F 430, Lambo Gallardo, Merc SLS AMG, Nissan GT-R and the Porker 911?

Unfortunately, I will be paying for the privilege. The F and L cars will cost me about $1360 a day plus $3.50 a mile (no kms in the land of the free) while the Porker is $510 plus 75 cents a mile. Good old Hertz, who brought you the Adrenaline range (Z6 Corvette Stingray, Penske Mustang GT, etc) now have a Dream Car collection.

As you would expect for about $1500 a day, when you arrive at the airport “you will be greeted in person by a Hertz Executive Client Concierge, who will then escort you to your Dream Car for a personal orientation”. No doubt they will show you where the cup-holders, loud pedal and launch control are.

Talking of cars: Holden and Ford are not renowned for their creativity when it comes to the marketing and advertising caper but both deserve an A for effort for their latest social media strategies. Go to YouTube to see the most capped rugby league player in Australia at the moment, Cameron Smith, being taken for a ride by a very heavily disguised Greg Murphy. For Melbourne readers, rugby league is the most physical kind of footy. For non-petrol heads or hybrid drivers, Kiwi Murphy is a four-time Bathurst 1000 winner. Along with Peter Brock, Jason Bright and Todd Kelly he was part of a team that won one of the most exciting races in history.

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