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Look, Top Gear in Sydney was okay and the F1 around Lakeside Drive was fine as long as you watched it on television but the real metal action is going to be in April at Sydney’s Eastern Creek for Australia’s first ever Ferrari racing day.

It won’t be quite as red as the Ferrari day in Silverstone next September when one thousand of Enzo’s finest will turn up but Sydney will actually have three times the fun with a whole three days of Italian madness. On Friday, we’ll see Ferrari owners who haven’t been on the track get some lessons around Eastern Creek then head off to the Opera house for what’s billed as a night of pure indulgence and entertainment.

On the Saturday hundreds of Ferraris owners with serious hangovers will drive en masse across Sydney Harbour Bridge to the racetrack. Of course immediately leaving the bridge they will then get caught up with the bumper to bumper traffic caused by tired parents, having to drive their children to sporting events at least 300km from their homes.

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