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March 2014

At long last carmakers are giving us more. A few weeks back a friend was driving his new Chrysler 300 ($46,000 here: $39,000 in the US) along the Nurburgring of Melbourne (aka the Tullamarine costway) when blow me down if the car didn’t catch fire. 

Look, Top Gear in Sydney was okay and the F1 around Lakeside Drive was fine as long as you watched it on telvision but the real metal action is going to be in April at Sydney’s Eastern Creek for Australia’s first ever Ferrari racing day.

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Bonjour readers. Yes it’s hullo from Paris where we are reporting on Retromobile 2014 that was so bon (good in French) it was fantastique (fantastic in French). What’s not to like about 41,000 square metres covered in 500 cars, three tanks, two auctions, Brigitte Bard...