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YOU really need to get your mind up above Christmas and focus on the best month of the year for those of the car persuasion.

Yes, I’m talking January and I’m talking Scottsdale. Everyone has an auction in Arizona in January.

Maybe it’s a snowbird thing. Maybe it’s aimed at capturing those wealthy Australian skiers from Aspen and Telluride. Or maybe the auction people just know Scottsdale is the rich retirement capital of America and there’s nothing better than looking at classic metal while waiting for the final traffic light.

Dave Gooding will be selling a 1956 Maserati A6G/200 Allemano-bodied coupe. Originally built for racing Maserati outsourced the bodywork when it turned the car into a road as well as track car. While the best racers were the Zagato-bodied cars and the Frua coachwork the prettiest, Serafino Allemano’s, were the best built and most luxurious.

Dave is selling the 10th of 15 Allemano cars built. The last Allemano Maserati auctioned was sold by Bonhams in 2012 for about $430,000. Expect this one to be north of $800,000.

Merc 300SLs continue their upward climb so expect to dig deep for Dave’s 1962 white Roadster. Before the Roadster was the Gullwing. There are those who call the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing the most beautiful classic car of all time. There are those who call Albert Speer’s Reichskanzlei beautiful. Both have been drinking too much schnapps.

Since the Gullwing was largely inspired by New York Merc dealer Max Hoffman, most of the 1400 built went to the US. They are great-looking cars but the weird rear suspension doesn’t like corners. Bonhams will be selling the Hon Lord O’Neill’s Gullwing he bought new in 1955 and a 1957 300SL red Roadster. In this market any good roadster will bring a million.

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