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As usual, there are a lot of questions you should be asking today. Like why did Megadeath cancel their Australian tour? Or what was really wrong with the Wolf of Wall Street’s career apart from the fact he had too much fun and did politically incorrect things with small persons and animals? Or why wasn’t this month’s Bathurst 12 Hour race broadcast on proper TV?

We may not have a car manufacturing industry anymore but motor racing is in unbelievable shape. I know you’ve read a lot about why our car industry carked it but the real reason is pretty simple. All the problems with the industry started when makers and importers gave their products un-Australian names. We went from Kingswood, Belmont, Monaro, Valiant and Falcon to Tiara, Fairlady, Cedric and Alfa Romeo and hey presto all the factories close down.

But the future of the automotive business was revealed at the Bathurst 12 Hour race. There were no mainstream Australian manufacturers represented but there were two very good local niche players, Daytona Sports Cars and MARC Cars Australia. Message to those experts who say no future for the Australian auto industry: MARC Cars are successfully exporting their cars.

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