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March 2018

1962 Ford Falcon XL Ute

Today we are going to canvass a very serious topic. One that needs a strong torch (not like my old Dolphin where, when I turned it on, a cockroach ran out of where the bulb was meant to be) shined on it. Friends, recently badly dressed Weekend Australian ­grafters and others,...


The real winner in Melbourne last weekend (apart from sport, which is always the winner, unless it’s cricket) was the Duncraig-raised Danny Ricciardo. In lap 54 Danny pedalled his Aston Martin-backed, Renault-powered Red Bull RB14 to a 222km/h fastest lap for the race

Friends, you and I have to stand together. It might interrupt F1 qualifying, your mingling in the Parc Chalet with the upbeat cocktail bar, garden, modern fit-out, lounge-style furniture with a social and vibrant ambience and daily DJ ($495pp, which is cheap compared to other fam...

Ford Cosworth Prosport LM3000

As you know, Michael McMichael (more about his new career later) and I normally only enter rallies where, unless your name is Nigel, you have red hair, bad breath and you are a serial killer, you are ­welcomed like a lost brother, sister or other.

Mini Remastered

The Weekend Australian motoring in the business section auction special and we’ll be asking the tough questions like: who would pay $250,000 for a 1975 BMW 2002 Turbo? And why would you pay $275,000 for a used 1977 Torana