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Targa Tasmania – The Finish

Friends, it was action all the way to the finish yesterday afternoon on Princess Wharf on the HOBART waterfront. In the final stages one car rolled, about for four found walls and nearby farms, the Lambo that went into the cow paddock yesterday and a Ferrari both were disqua...

Friends, you think you know excitement. You were excited when the Saints went into the 2010 grand final against Collingwood and then less excited when they drew. You were excited when you turned 21 only to be less excited when you realised you had to pretend to be responsib...

1941 GMC Jimmy Special

Friends, at 7.41am yesterday morning we decided to give the other 140 entrants a chance. Yes we decided to stop the starter motor working so we had to push start the might 1990 BMW 3 series (it celebrates its 30th birthday in 2020…30 car years is the equivalent of 193 huma...

Morton & Fisher lead Rookie GT

Friends, you know the feeling when too much excitement is barely enough? Today was one of those days. Apart from a Ferrari missing a left hand turn 50 meters from the start and going straight into the lush Tasmanian trees, and a Lambo just running off the road

Targa Tasmania – 1955 Austin A30


The real winner in Melbourne last weekend (apart from sport, which is always the winner, unless it’s cricket) was the Duncraig-raised Danny Ricciardo. In lap 54 Danny pedalled his Aston Martin-backed, Renault-powered Red Bull RB14 to a 222km/h fastest lap for the race

Friends, you and I have to stand together. It might interrupt F1 qualifying, your mingling in the Parc Chalet with the upbeat cocktail bar, garden, modern fit-out, lounge-style furniture with a social and vibrant ambience and daily DJ ($495pp, which is cheap compared to other fam...

Ford Cosworth Prosport LM3000

As you know, Michael McMichael (more about his new career later) and I normally only enter rallies where, unless your name is Nigel, you have red hair, bad breath and you are a serial killer, you are ­welcomed like a lost brother, sister or other.

1921 Alpha Romeo GI

WART’s BMW 502 hits the tarmac in South Australia.

Things were going extremely well until the engine caught fire.Well, that’s not really true ­because within 10 minutes of the start of the first stage of the Shannons Adelaide Rally (the largest rally in the southern hemisphere) a Ferrari 360 removed its front end when i...

McLaren 675LT

Weekend Australian Racing Team (WART) LeMons Rally Entry

Monaco Grand Prix 1962

John Connolly Motoring Columnist

John Connolly

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