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Hey, you think the fact that NRL referees can’t count is a scandal, or that AFL clubs have been giving players ‘supplements’ is a scandal or that the location of the next world soccer cup was fixed against Australia is a scandal then you don’t know what a ...

So I said to Nathan ‘you’re starting to do OK on the tarmac what you need is a bit of dirt experience’. Nathan has been sitting beside me in the Radical passenger’s seat, learning by watching as I take him around Eastern Creek. The experience must be makin...

There are not many better tests of a car than driving it in heavy traffic for 24 hours covering 5,000 km at around 225kmh. Throw in 13,056 corners, 30 stops where you have to turn the engine completely off and 34 times where you have to brake from 322 kmh to 105kmh in the time yo...

In the most important event since Moses opened a freeway through the Red Sea, Alex Bradley and Brandon Dick navigated their Toyota 1995 V6 Toyota Camry from Adelaide through Uluru to Fremantle to take line honours in the 2013 Shitbox Rally

How’s this for a serious road test?Three years, 300 cars, over 10,000 kms on Australia’s worst roads. Now to be fair the cars in this particular test have to be worth $1,000 or less but supervising mechanic Alex Hallowell reckons it says a lot about makes of cars.

Since 2010 the Shitbox Rally has pitted teams driving cars that cost less than $1000 against each other over some of Australia’s roughest roads. The Rally raises money for Cancer Research. This year’s rally is from Adelaide to Fremantle via

Today we bring you the stories the big companies don’t want you to see. We answer your questions on Scott of the Antarctic and we fill you in on who is paying how much for what

Yes it was historic when Audi’s number 1 car the Audi R18 e-tron quattro crossed the line at 3pm just so Audi could take their 11th victory Le Mans. It was historic because it was the first time a hybrid-powered car has won and it was boring because Audi took all three plac...

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Adelaide Rally 2023

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