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I WAS at Seaside, California, watching my hero, Jay Lamm, organise another great motor classic. Seaside is close to Pebble Beach, but without the class.

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THERE are three keys to happiness in southern California: great tan, great body, great car. Since I’m looking at spending a few months of the year here and the first two departments are no problem, I need advice on what cars are cool in this, the world capital of appearance...

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LOOK, I know many of you are already packing the Samsonite, getting the travellers cheques and pricing the duty-free smokes for your trip to Pebble Beach.

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ERNIE Hemingway once said: “Auto racing, bull fighting and mountain climbing are the only real sports … all the others are games.”

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HERE’S a lot of ground to cover this weekend so pay close attention. First up, what if I said you can drive an F (remember no more mentions of the full name this year), Lamborghini, McLaren or Bugatti for $70 an hour with no annual membership fees, no insurance, no security...

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Look, Top Gear in Sydney was okay and the F1 around Lakeside Drive was fine as long as you watched it on telvision but the real metal action is going to be in April at Sydney’s Eastern Creek for Australia’s first ever Ferrari racing day.

What can you buy for $300 million? A block of flats at Point Piper? A big night out with a few mates at Attica? Or you could buy the whole of the Republic of Palau and have enough change to turn Bem Ermii Burgers & Fries into a high-class casino

Yes we have seen the future of the Australian car industry and it’s a recreational vehicle or, as we used to say at the Easts Beach Holiday Park (Australia’s oldest), a caravan

While Geelong came about third in the recent Melbourne football competition, it’s the winner when it comes to autos. In November the Motor City of Melbourne, the Detroit of the Dandenongs, the Car City of Corio Bay is home to the one of the world’s greatest motoring f...

It’s been wet, dismal and expensive in London. So to make myself feel better, yesterday I headed over to H.R. Owens on Old Brompton Road to buy a Ferrari. Anyway, on the way there, I started thinking about being in a global marketplace where Australians can go online to buy...

Monaco Grand Prix 1962

John Connolly Motoring Columnist

You’re here because you read Motoring in The Weekend Australian or you made a mistake and were looking for an important John Connolly. Either way, this is really the overflow section of my column, so you will be able to read the latest out of date car news, see lots of photos of cars and merry go rounds that you will never be able to afford and some travel reviews that include some of the worst bars and cafes in the world. Just what you need to help you through the day if you can’t afford the alternative. John [email protected] 

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