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Look, a lot of this is in French so if you are not un bon vivant don’t read any further.Next month is going to be huge. You will be getting direct reports from the Shit Box Rally, which starts in Mackay (the Monte Carlo of northern Australia minus the food, wine, rich tax a...

What did we learn from the Australian Grand Prix except that Mercedes is still the team to beat, Formula One cars are unbelievably safe, the new qualifying system is a disaster, Toro Rosso drivers Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz will provide the comedy relief/fight club action th...

Ferrari’s F1 car. The bookies have Mercedes odds on. Ferrari is at 5/1

It’s the start of the F1 season and Port Phillip mayor Bernadene Voss has been out encouraging Melbourne locals to complain about the noise and traffic the race brings to the fair suburb of Albert Park and environs.

The Winefuelled Nissan Skyline, not driven by Mark Skaife or Jim Richards.

The car BMW curiously hasn’t offered to sponsor.

Having butchered our attempt to complete this year’s Shitbox Rally (a charity race across the outback in cars worth less than $1000), my buddies and I have decided to enter the similarly prestigious and gruelling inaugural 24 Hours of LeMons race this week

So it was time for a road trip to bring the Ute back from Melbourne to Sydney….via Broken Hill…..Broken Hill is an isolated mining city in the far west of outback New South Wales, Australia

A pit stop at Sea Lake, home to the annual Mallee Rally.

The black-box flight recorder, spray-on skin, the woomera, electric drill and Wi-Fi are all top local inventions, but none compare with Australia’s greatest contribution to the world: the road trip

Paul Newman began racing in his late 40s and won his last race aged 82.

Last week I hit the City of Churches, Xenophonville, the place named after Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, home to the biggest glasshouses this side of Jakarta and a commuter’s paradise where there are wide streets and not many cars and everything is 20 minutes away

Maserati Boomerang. The car fetched nearly $900,000 in 2002; expect a few million this time.

It’s only 24 days until the start of the whole Pebble Beach motorgeddon, complete with five auctions, four concours d’elegances and not so elegances (the concours d’Lemons), two art shows, one film festival, one retro Ferrari race and a motorsports reunion with ...

Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Car from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen — yours for only $40,000

The 2005 Porsche Carrera

Hello, readers. I bet you are sitting at home reading the world’s best motoring section in the world’s best newspaper but still feeling not too good about things

Sydney D'Elegance 2024

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