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I’ll tell you what, we all dodged a bullet with socialists not getting into power in our great country in what passed for an election this month

This 1966 Ford GT40 Mk I is expected to fetch at least $4 million at auction.

Now I know you are expecting the on-the-spot reports from the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and the Boite de Merde Ralley Mackay. Unfortunately, we have had to carry those over to next week because there are some car companies we need to put in the naughty corner

I hope you had a thrill for Christmas. You know, a swim with crocodiles, dolphins, sharks, silverfish or sky diving, bungy diving, jet fighter flying, V8 driving, rally driving or radical driving

1973 Ferrari Dino 246 GT Coupe

Just imagine you had some good news. Ferrari Sydney boss Angelo Ruberto calls to say your new $500,000 Ferrari 488 GTB, which wasn’t meant to turn up until 2017, is in the Alexandria showroom, ready to go. But you just sold your old Fezzer F430 quicker than you thought thro...

The author in a D-type Jaguar at the old Prodrive test track, near Coventry.

No Californian girls, but Ascot saw this 1947 Ford V8 Woody station wagon go to auction.

So the new owners of Jaguar rang me and said “John (they call me that because its my name) we have a problem. All our new cars are fine but we have a warehouse full of these old ones.

Barker-bodied 1914 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Landaulet B-series Silver Ghost

While you’ve been obsessed with reading about VWgate, Fiat Chryslergate, F1Melbournegate (suddenly changing the race date) and lobby group T&E’s test showing that new cars, including the Mercedes A, C and E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Peugeot 308, are guzzling 50 per ...

Sydney D'Elegance 2024

John Connolly Motoring Columnist

You’re here because you read Motoring in The Weekend Australian or you made a mistake and were looking for an important John Connolly. Either way, this is really the overflow section of my column, so you will be able to read the latest out of date car news, see lots of photos of cars and merry go rounds that you will never be able to afford and some travel reviews that include some of the worst bars and cafes in the world. Just what you need to help you through the day if you can’t afford the alternative. John [email protected] 

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