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span>Was it Covid that made us all so selfish?</span></p>
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span>Today we answer the big questions you didn&rsquo;t know you&rsquo;ve been asking . . .</span></p>
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Jamie Whincup navigates heavy rain in last week&rsquo;s Supercars.

span>Think you&rsquo;re being treated unfairly when the fun police pull you over?</span></p>
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The 1993 Jaguar XJ220 to go under the hammer at Sotheby&rsquo;s.

A 1971 Lamborghini Countach.

span>Question: How many vehicles were sold in Australia in the first half of the year?</span></p>
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span>Bridgestone is the world&rsquo;s largest . . .</span></p>
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The French Blu 1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial by Scaglietti.

Lloyds is flogging the Mad Max Fury Road collection.

Monaco Grand Prix 1962

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