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May 2017

Mum will just love the 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680 S Torpedo-Sport Avant-Garde.

Today: how to save $500 the next time you insure your car; how to make your mother not think you are an ungrateful son or daughter or both; how the government has blown its election chances by not introducing a first-car buyer’s scheme

Owner Peter Briggs

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As you know quite a few people believe David Icke’s theory that many of the world’s most prominent figures belong to the Babylonian Brotherhood — a group of shapeshifting reptilian humanoids determined to control the world and establish the New World Order.

2012 Ferrari 458 GTD_Darin Schnabel (c) 2017 Courtesy Auctions America

1999-2001 Fiat Multipla

There have been a lot of big events in Adelaide’s history since Bluff Jack Hindmarsh turned up in 1836 and kicked the Kaurna people off their land. There was the first edition of The Advertiser in 1858, the foundation of the Port Adelaide footy club in 1870, the outbreak of...

A peach: VTR Customs’ BMW R65 ‘Willoughby 65’.

As you probably know my business editor is one of the many tens of motor­cycle enthusiasts (or as I like to call them, temporary Australians) who read a paper. For some months now he has been pressuring me to devote this whole column to two wheels. Even bike riders know there...