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Dick Colton died in March. He made his money distributing shoes. A shy man, who I’m told was scared of the ocean, he also owned a serious collection of Ferraris and Jaguars.

He lived in Northamptonshire in the centre of England and a long way from the sea. It’s an area that’s full of quiet, charming villages with thatch and stone cottages and welcoming inns and two very noisy motor racing tracks.

This may explain why shy Dick was such an enthusiastic owner, driving his Ferraris all over Britain and Europe, and why he was in the VI2 section of the Ferrari Club.

Given his fear of the sea, it was somewhat surprising that Dickie donated his 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB and 1967 275 GTB/4 to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to build a new lifeboat to be named after him and his wife. The RNLI is like our Royal Life Saving association but with much better kit. It has 340 big boats up to I7m long including a hovercraft, as well as normal lifesaving persons on what pass for beaches in Britain.

Dick told H&H Classics to put the two Italians on the block at its October auction. Both cars are in original condition, which these days makes them more valuable than restored classics. Regarded as the world’s most beautiful car, the Ferrari 250 GT SWB Lusso (luxury), pictured, was one of only I65 made and was only sold after Enzo had built all the racing versions. Importantly, Dick’s car was fully optioned semi-competition model. The 275 GTB/4 is one of 350 made and was a favourite of young Porsche driver Steve McQueen.

Not to be outdone, earlier this year a shy, retiring Australian collector, who is still alive, gave his 1985 Ferrari Mondial Coupe to Kids Under Cover, a charity that works to prevent young Australians living on the streets. KUC has teamed up with auctioneers Manheim so that you can donate your car, do some good and get a tax deduction. Perfect.

Talking of Ferrari 250 GTs, remember in February when a 250GT SWB California Spyder sold for $23 million? This was the one found quietly rusting away under a pile of magazines in a French farmhouse. Still that was in better condition than the rebuilt I954 375MM that Victoria’s Secret owner Les Wexner bought at Bonhams Goodwood auction last year for $21m.

The remains of this super racer had being lying scattered across a Cincinnati paddock for decades. In fact a tree was growing nicely through the engine bay. Owner Karl Kleve said the car had been stolen from his property, shipped to Belgium and restored. Bonhams said the problem had been resolved but Les said that because it had been reported stolen, he couldn’t register it in the US.

While you’re trying to figure out which Ferrari to buy, go and see the new Mad Maxfilm. I went to the local art-house cinema this week and saw it in 1D but it was good enough to make me book tickets to one of Johnny Kirby’s mega palaces to see it in 3D.


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